2 MOULTRIE MFH-EP 6.5 Gallon Econo Plus Hanging Deer Feeders w/ Photocell Timer


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1 Buy = 2 Moultrie MFH-EP 6.5 Gallon Econo Plus Hanging Deer Feeders<br><br>Start simple and attract deer automatically with the Moultrie Econo Plus Feeder. With a smart design that hangs easily from any rope, chain or cable, these feeders bring affordability and function for easy patterning of deer activity on your hunting grounds. The Econo Plus Hanging Game Feeder features a photocell timer that runs twice a day, at dusk and dawn. No programming needed. Simply fill with feed, insert battery (not included), and this feeder practically runs itself. Now you easily and affordably can provide a consistent source of supplemental grain and/or protein during crucial periods to help maintain a healthy deer population.<br><br>The Moultrie Econo Plus Feeder lets you program the feeder to run 30 minutes before dusk, giving you the ability to pattern game to feed earlier in the evening. You can even customize feed run times between 4-16 seconds and regulate the amount of feed based on the distribution you need. The 6.5-gallon capacity holds up to 40 pounds of feed that stays high and dry, and makes it easy to distribute feed such as shelled corn, soybeans and pelletized feed.<br><br>The Moultrie Econo Plus Feeder includes superior Next G-1 Camouflage coating, that keeps your feeders concealed, especially during winter months. For best performance, use a rechargeable 6-Volt, 5-Amp Moultrie brand battery (batteries sold separately). VMInnovations is an authorized Moultrie dealer that sells new, warranted products – (2) Brand Moultrie Econo Plus Feeders w/ Photocell Timer – MFH-EP6.5!<br> – Simplicity and economy!<br> – Photocell timer feeds twice a day at dawn and dusk<br> – Ability to adjust dusk setting to run 30 minutes before sunset<br> – Customize feed run times between 4-16 seconds<br> – ABS plastic housing<br> – Plastic spin plate and funnel<br> – Operates on one 6-volt battery (not included)<br> – [Product Manual][1]<br> – Product Condition: Brand <br> – Part Number: MFH-EP6.5<br> – 2 Year Warranty: (1 Year Manufacturer Warranty + 1 Year VMInnovations Warranty!) <br> <br><br><br> [1]: http://images.ebsco.com/pob/moultrie/catalog/mfh-epk_instructions.pdf