Aimshot Multi-Dot Holographic Sight HGD2


The versatile Aimshot Holographic Sight provides a super clear and sharp image in all light conditions. With a more rugged body and lens, this multi-dot sight is perfect for high-powered rifles, and durable enough for everyday use. The rifle sight has a shaded 34mm flex lens, full windage and elevation adjustments and a 10 hour battery life. The multi-dot sight also has completely parallax-free construction for unlimited eye relief. Whether you are at the range or in the field, this Aimshot Holographic Sight can be used for rapid fire or tracking moving targets. As a bonus, this sight comes with a 5-year limited warranty.

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<br><b>Aimshot Multi-Dot Holographic Sight:</b><ul><li>Provides a sharp image in all light conditions</li><li>Rugged body and lens</li><li>Durable enough for everyday use</li><li>Completely parallax-free with unlimited eye relief</li><li>Easily switch between 4 dot sizes with the flip of a switch</li><li>Features a 10 hour battery life</li><li>Suitable for rapid firing and tracking moving targets</li><li>Lightweight aluminum alloy construction</li><li>Shaded 34mm flex lens</li><li>Full windage and elevation adjustments</li><li>Size: 3.6"L x 2"H x 1.5"W</li><li>Weight: 6.25 oz</li><li>The Aimshot Holographic Sight comes with a 5 year limited warranty</li><li>Model# HGD2</li></ul>