Barnett Crossbows 4×32 mm Multi-Reticle Crossbow Scope


This Barnett Crossbow Scope features a programmed five point crosshair system, which allows for easy use. Enabling quick aim at targets, this 4x32mm scope with rings allows you to save time and energy while hunting with your crossbow. This multi-reticle scope is also compatible with all full-sized crossbows and is water resistant. This Barnett Crossbow Scope is shockproof and includes .22 style mounting rings, so you can attach it to your favorite crossbow.

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<br><b>Barnett Cross Scope with Rings 4X32mm, Multi-Reticle:</b><ul><li>Programmed five-point crosshair system</li><li>Enables quick aim at targets</li><li>Compatible with all full-sized crossbows</li><li>Water resistant</li><li>Shockproof</li><li>Includes .22 style mounting rings</li><li>Model# 17060</li></ul>