Burris AR-PEPR Scope Mount, 30mm – Quick Detach –


The Burris Ar-Pepr Quick Detach Scope Mount provides precision aiming, making it an essential item for your hunting trips. Featuring two quick-detach levers, this 30mm scope mount allows sight removal and a reliable “return to zero" setting. The Burris Ar-Pepr Mount with Picatinny Tops allows you to mount additional accessories to your rifle to broaden its capabilities. Durable, single-unit, milled ring bases provide a solid, lightweight scope mount for your rifle. The Burris Ar-Pepr Mount also includes 2" forward scope positioning on AR-15 and M-4 platforms to make it Proper Eye Position Ready (PEPR) for combat rifle scopes. This feature makes it convenient to gear up for different shooting disciplines and applications.

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<b>Burris Ar-Pepr 30mm Mount Quick Detach with Picatinny Tops:</b><ul><li>2" forward scope positioning on the M-4 and AR-15 platform</li><li>Tough, single-unit milled ring bases</li><li>Picatinny tops allow for mounting additional accessories</li><li>2 quick-detach levers allow sight removal and reliable "return to zero"</li><li>Dimensions: 5.5"L x 2.3"W x 2.8"H</li><li>Model# 410342</li></ul>