Easy Gardener 7′ x 100′ Deer Block Netting


Protect your trees and plants from deer and other animals with the Easy Gardener 6050 7′ x 100′ Deer Block Netting. Many creatures will wander into a garden to enjoy a meal of vegetables, berries and shrubs. You can prevent this by using Easy Gardener netting. This reusable protective mesh covering can be used as a border, fence or plant cover.

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<b>Easy Gardener 6050 7′ x 100′ Deer Block Netting:</b><ul><li>Protection for trees and shrubs from deer and other animals</li><li>Safe, humane and won’t harm deer</li><li>Heavy duty netting and is reusable season after season</li><li>7′ x 100′</li></ul>