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Deer resistant plants? Is there really such a thing?
The only way to have a deer-proof garden or landscape is to take a multi-faceted approach. We need to start with deer resistant plants, then we may need deer repellents to at least protect the new growth. In extreme circumstances we may also need deer fencing.

First, if you aren't sure if it is deer causing your damage, check out out page describing deer damage, so you will be sure you going in the right direction.

Deer Resistant Plants Are the First Place to Start with your new deer solution strategy. We have combined information from several sources to give you several charts of deer resistant plants to choose from.

Follow the links to our charts of deer resistant plants. These charts list deer resistant plants by Latin and common names along with the states publishing the information and special comments per variety.

Deer repellent reviews and forums are here. Your will be able to read the product reviews before you buy and leave your review for others. For now, follow the links to information about deer repellent products and deer repellent tips. 

Do you need deer repellent, but don't want to buy a ready-to-use product? Make your own with these homemade deer repellent recipes.

Are you a commercial grower with a nursery or orchard? Maybe just a proud gardener that doesn't want to give up anything to the deer? Then you need to check out the links to deer fencing

Have You Almost Hit A Deer On the Road?
Wildlife traffic accidents cause millions of dollars of damage each year. Every year about a million deer are hit by cars. Check out our deer whistle information and a list of deer crash prevention precautions that you can be taking to prevent an accident with a deer. Read about electronic deer whistles and air whistles that you can mount on your car or motorcycle. Watch a great video of a deer jumping over a motorcyclist.

What if you actually want to feed deer so they stay out of your garden? We have plans for several different kinds of free deer feeders Read our automatic deer feeder facts to learn more. We have free plans and pictures for pvc feeders, bucket-type feeders, trough types, and automatic deer feeders.
Deer repellent sprays and liquid deer fencing
Deer repellent products. Repellent products and resources..
Natural Deer Repellent
Natural deer repellent protects your garden and landscape without putting your family at risk. Organic liquid repellents include 1 gallon Deer Away, deer chaser electronic control and deer-off.
Lists of Deer Resistant Plants For A Deer Proof Landscape
Deer resistant plant charts categorized by deer preference, plant type, Latin and common names. and by individual state information.
Deer Repellent Recipes For Homemade Deer Repellent
Over 80 different deer repellent recipes. Homemade deer repellent tips. Read and decide whether to make your own or buy.
Do Deer Car Whistles Work?/ Electronic Deer-Car Accident Prevention
Do Deer Whistles Work ? Deer Whistles, also called deer alert whistles, are used by tens of thousands of believers. With over a million accidents with deer a year, shouldn't you know the facts?
Mechanical Deer Deterrents
Mechanical deer deterrents such as electronic deer controls, deer deterrents, deer fencing, and mechanical deer deterrents all have their place in multi-approach to deer control solutions.
Deer Fencing, Electric, Conventional, Wireless fencing
Deer fencing options need to be reviewed and compared when repellents just aren't enough.
Deer Repellent Tips To Help With Deer Repellent Strategies
Deer repellent tips so that you buy the right repellent and know the best way to use it as a deer deterrent. For a deer proof garden you need to read these tips and follow the advise of experts.
Deer Tick Information and Deer Tick Photos and Videos
Identifying ticks and links to deer tick photos, videos and important information to identify your ticks and remove them.
Deer Damage How Can You Tell?
Deer damage, how can you tell it is deer that are damaging your garden and landscape or some other creature?
Deer Deterrents - Miscellaneous
Some deer deterrents can be hard to classify. Deer ribbon is a type of deer deterrent that involves applying deer repellent to a special ribbon of material .
Deer Resistant Vegetables - Deer Proof Garden
Compiled list of deer resistant vegetables, herbs and fruit. There aren't many edible foods that people like and that deer don't. Deer resistant plants are the first line of defense against deer.
Deer Resistant Landscaping Deeroscaping
Deer resistant landscaping,or deeroscaping, is planning your landscape around the fact that there are deer in your area. Deer resistant landscaping will save you money on deer repellents, deer fencing
Commercial Deer Control
Commercial deer control for orchards, field nurseries, container nurseries, Christmas tree farms and other horticulture industries fight a constant battle.

Deer Feeder Free Plans
A homemade deer feeder can be made quickly and cheaply. Free plans for several different types of deer feeders.
Chinese Medicine Deer Antler
Chinese medicine has long known that velvet deer antler could be used to treat arthritis and other ailments. Read more about the healing power of deer velvet.
Deer Pictures and Videos
Pictures of deer of all kinds. Whitetail deer pictures, albino deer, mule deer photos, deer pics and videos with cats, dogs, and other animals.
Deer Articles Featuring Articles on Deer Management
Deer control articles of interest to gardeners and anyone trying to manage deer in their landscape
Deer Management Frequently Asked Questions
Deer management frequently asked questions. Why do deer do what they do?
Deer Research Papers
Several deer research papers are brought together from the public domain for deer repellent information and comparisons.
Deer Management Resources
Deer Management Resources are available from states but not easily available in one place. We have put together resources from sites

Repellex Deer & Rabbit Repellent Reviews
Repellex deer repellent reviews. Read before you buy.
Deer Repellent With Taste Mode of Action
Deer repellents have different modes of action. Taste or contact deer repellent works best in colder seasons and keeps deer from taking a second bite from plants.
Deer Odor repellent Mode of Action
Deer odor repellents work by either repelling by odor or taste. Know what works best for your situation.
Deer repellent combinations for taste and odor
Deer repellents that combine repellents that work both as taste and odor repellents can be used year-around. Combining products can give the best of both worlds.
Deer Videos
Deer videos. Deer attacks hunter, deer on car prank,deer attacks dog and more
Deer Repellent Comparisons
Deer repellent research comparing various brands. Professional government research.
Deer Jerky Recipes
Deer jerky recipes for those who use the final solution for deer control. Deer jerky can be easy to make yourself.

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