Trough deer feeders There are different types of homemade deer feeders that you can make. The plans you will find here at the links to our other pages, are free and the materials that will you need to buy should be inexpensive. Inexpensive compared to some of the deer feeders on the market. Many of the deer feeders can be made for less than $20.

We have divided the deer feeders up into four categories of feeders and given each type it's own page. Some of these feeders overlap each other such as the barrel or bucket type that have had automatic timers and spinner plates added to them. Those are listed under our Automatic Feeders page. 

Some people use a gravity type feeder to fill a trough. If you are planning on doing that, look at both the bucket and barrel and the trough type feeders. 

PVC deer feeders are just what it sounds like. They are made from 4,6,8 or even 10 inch PVC. There are also a few other pipe-type products mentioned like driveway "whistle" or "trestle" type pipe. There are several styles of these, but most are made to attach to a tree, post, or fence. 

Bucket and Barrel deer feeders are usually made from 5 gallon buckets, plastic barrels, or galvanized trash cans. These feeders can usually hold more food and can be set up to make the deer nudge the bottom of it to get food. Some barrels are set up with automatic spinners and timers. These are listed with the Automatic Deer Feeder Plans.

Trough deer feeders are usually meant to be free standing feeders that feed would be manually added to. These include wooden stands, tree stumps, and hay feeders that are usually used with cattle or small animals like sheep. The troughs can be set up under gravity feed or automatic feeders also.

The main consideration when thinking about a deer feeder is how many deer you are thinking about feeding and why you are feeding them. If you plan to feed where there are larger herds, you may want a deer feeder that is a little bit more sophisticated than the ordinary variety, like an automatic feeder.

Automatic deer feeder facts has information you will want to read. Learn more about deer feeders before you decide to buy a deer feeder or make your own.

Feeding deer can lead to more deer coming to your landscape, but if you only have a few deer coming to your yard causing problems and believe feeding them on the fringes will satisfy their hunger, then an inexpensive PVC feeder should satisfy.