Car-mounted deer repellents are devices that are attached to the front of a vehicle and emit high-frequency sounds or ultrasonic waves to deter deer from crossing the road in front of the vehicle. These devices are designed to startle deer, making them feel uncomfortable or unsafe, and causing them to move away from the road.

There are different types of car-mounted deer repellents available, some examples include:

Ultrasonic devices: These devices emit high-frequency sounds that are designed to be audible to deer, but not to humans. The sounds are intended to startle the deer and make them move away from the road.

Air velocity whistles:  are based on the idea that compressed air traveling through the whistles generates frequencies that alert animals and cause them to stop movement. Air Velocity Whistles

Electronic whistles are engineered to produce both an ultrasonic frequency heard by smaller animals and a sonic frequency heard by humans and large animals such as deer. The sounds emitted are supposed to alert the deer that something is coming and as the vehicle draws closer, the sound gets louder so the deer are less likely to be startled by the oncoming car and jump in front of it. Electronic Whistles

Flashing lights: These devices use bright lights to startle deer, similar to how ultrasonic devices use sound. The lights are usually triggered by the car's movement and flash in a pattern intended to disorient deer, making them move away from the road.

Combination devices: Some devices combine ultrasonic sounds with flashing lights to create a dual deterrent for the deer.

Suppose you are driving to or from work, everything is fine, then before you can react a deer runs out in front of you. Bam!! Like 1 to 1 1/2 million people a year you have hit a deer. Approximately 300 people and 1 million deer are killed every year in deer-vehicle collisions. Would a deer car whistle have prevented the accident? Insurance companies estimate vehicle damage at 1 Billion dollars a year!. State police and insurance companies also believe many accidents with deer are never reported.

Car-mounted deer repellents are typically attached to the front of a vehicle, such as on the grille or bumper, and activated when the vehicle is in motion. They are often used in areas with a high population of deer and where road accidents involving deer are common, such as rural and suburban areas.

It's important to note that the effectiveness of these devices can vary and that not all products on the market have been proven to be effective. Additionally, these devices are not legal in all locations, so it's important to check local regulations before using them. Furthermore, it's important to remember that no single method can guarantee to prevent deer-vehicle collisions as deer can move in a unpredictable way, and it's also important to take necessary precautions while driving such as slowing down, be vigilant and paying attention to deer crossing signs.

Save-A-Deer whistle is a deer alert warning device that aids in accident prevention. Save-A-Deer whistle is
the smallest single unit air-activated deer alert whistle sold today. When mounted on a car, truck, or motorcycle traveling at 35 mph or faster, the deer whistle makes a sound that alerts deer, moose and other large animal of the oncoming vehicle. Then hopefully the animals will then respond by freezing along the side of the road avoiding vehicle collision. You need to examine the deer whistle occasionally to be sure it is still mounted to the vehicle and that air holes are not blocked..  Less than one cubic inch in size, it can be hidden in the grill or under the bumper, it has a low profile, and is car wash safe. Advertised as the only unit small enough to fit on motorcycles. Save-A-Deer provides safety for you and your passengers. Fits all trucks, motorcycles, cars and vans. Vehicle must be moving faster than 35 mph to operate. Easy removal for cleaning. Whistlers measure 2 inches long x 1.5 inches high.

There are several brands of deer whistles for sale on Amazon.  Most have similar reviews and prices.  

Do Deer Whistles Work?   

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Car Whistle Attachment I can attest that these are effective even for smaller animals that dart across roads, like squirrels, rabbits, etc. However, for years of service, they should be applied with a weatherproof contact cement (auto or Walmart store) rather than the "sticky tape" that's supplied on them.
Remove the sticky tape by scraping with a pen/hobby knife; then apply weather proof contact cement liberally and press momentarily in place on car. Immediately remove whistle/s and wait 5 or 10 mins while glue sets on both whistle and car. Finally press whistle back in same place.  By Jim Kadel VA

Audible Deer Whistles Work!!!
I have used all types of deer whistles myself, since the 1980's, and I never thought they really worked, mostly because they were "ultra-sonic" thus they could not be heard, thus you couldn't be sure wildlife could hear them either. Since starting my business, over one year ago, my research found they in fact do Not work, for many reasons.

My product, "Deer Screamer", when mounting only ONE unit, on the front grill of any vehicle, is wind activated at 35mph, and emits an Audible whistle or "Scream", that can be heard by humans and All wildlife,
up to 300+ yards down the road. As the vehicle speed increases, so does the volume of the whistle, up to 120+ mph.!!! Because they are mounted in front of the radiator, the unit gets a direct/ clean line of air through, ensuring it's always working, and because of the heat, it stays unclogged even winter/snow months. by Bill Pereca (Highland Lakes, NJ)

Did My Deer Whistles Work?
I have a set of Walmart purchased air whistles on the front of my 2003 Ford Taurus. While traveling home from work this evening (11-18-2014), I rounded a set of curves in a mostly wooded area near Bristol, Va. Entering the first curve I spot a rather large buck whitetail, by the size of the rack I am going to estimate at least a 6 pointer, about to go into his leap up the hill, onto the road I am traveling. Just past the point I spot him, he stops dead in his tracks, turns and instantly darts back down the hill from where he just came. This is not the first time I have seen this kind of reaction approaching a deer. There have been many deer killed just recently in my area. I have seen 2 hit in the same spot in as many weeks. With that observation, I personally think something has to spook a deer, especially a mature buck, to make him turn and reverse his travels. My Taurus is bright white. Now whether it was the color he spotted moving towards his travel path, or the sound of the whistles oncoming, is left to speculation. All I know, is this, another lucky day on the highway, and I thank my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for his protective hand. Stay safe out there folks and always watch your surroundings and stay a DEFENSIVE driver 🙂

Chris Rose Bristol, Va

Deer Whistles Work In spite of the thousands of avid deer hunters that come to Kansas every year to take home our wheat fed deer, the state of Kansas is still over populated with deer. They will dash out in front of you from behind trees or out of ditches leaving you with almost no time to react, swerve, or brake to miss the creatures. After nearly hitting deer on several different occasions, I decided to put the whistles on my car.

With the whistles on the car, deer approaching the highway will inevitably turn around and go the other way. I'm not sure what makes them reverse direction, but that's what they do. I'm not talking about witnessing this 1 or 2 times, this happened 10 to 15 times in the 10 years since I started using the whistles. At a cost of around $7.00 at Wal-mart, and considering they could save your car and maybe your life, I don't understand why some people are resistant to putting them on their cars. I wouldn't drive a car in deer country without them. Based upon my personal experience I'd say the whistles work very well. by Ron Crisp (Florida)

 Replies: “Wow so having a whistle with me can turn the deer away from me. That is a simple technique I ever read in this site. Deer are causing big accidents in the road. So it is better to have these low cost deer repellent with everyone.”

Electronic Whistle
We purchased Hornet electronic whistles after our Mercury Marquis was totaled several years ago by a 6-point buck on the Interstate. Thanks to the airbags, my wife and I were not injured, however we did not want to repeat the traumatic experience. We have sighted many deer since, but none have crossed our path. We feel safer having the Hornet!  By Harry Watkins (Little Rock, AR)

I will keep an electronic deer alert
by: Anonymous
I have an electronic deer alert on my 91 escort. it is located behind the ford emblem. I was driving on a city street in a town where there are a large number of deer. a deer stepped out in front of me. it was far enough away to not be a hazard, but gave me an opportunity to activate the sonic alert. the deer reacted immediately by running to get away from the noise. Until then, I had not seen a deer since putting the alert on my car. On another occasion in yellow stone park, a buffalo stepped out in front of me. I turned on the deer alert. the buffalo became very agitated and moved quickly to get away from the obnoxious noise. The alert would not turn off in the ultrasonic mode, so as it set in front of my house, the rabbits and squirrels stopped coming near my yard, and the dogs being walked past my house stopped using my yard as their toilet.
I will keep an electronic deer alert on all of my vehicles. I tried the wind type and never had a deer encounter, but repeatedly had to replace them for some reason, no idea why.

Dr P Deal
I have had the Animal Lover Deer Warner on my cars for 15 years, and have seen birds, dogs, deer and all creatures veer away as I approach. It connects to the battery and operates as soon as the car is started. Problem-I am trying to find one for a new vehicle, and cannot find any place that has them. By Dr. P Deal (Hightstown, NJ)

I have a friend that rides his Harley at night and swears by them... 
Well last year I rode to his house in the evening on Mothers day, I left at about 8:30 to ride home 7.6 miles. I made it 3 miles before I saw a big deer in the middle of the rode as I was halfway through a left hander. I braked downshift and maneuvered to go behind it. Last thing I saw was the deer hitting my windshield. I was in a coma for 3 days, don't remember a lot of my time in the ER. I was flown by life flight to the ER. I had a Severe TBI, shattered left eye socket. Somehow my bike and I rode another 1/10 mile to the only house nearby. I think my Guardian Angel is why. It's been a long rode to recovery after 4 total brain injuries. three were in my 26 years of service. Needless to say when I am up again. I'm putting a set on my Harley. I will only ride during day light.

Yes, they work!
I've been running them for years and years. Only time I actually hit deer....8 times....were when the vehicles didn't have the whistles.
Anyone that runs them will see a deer alongside the road, maybe ready to step out, and all of a sudden the deer will jerk its head up, alert.
I've seen this too many times to NOT spend a pittance on the extra security.

Yes! They do work
We have used these whistles for 13 years. We live in a very high deer traffic area in the Texas hill country and there are deer along all the roads and highways. We would not be without them. Years ago my husband was a TX highway patrol officer and they had these whistles on their cars and swore by them. Because of these whistles I have not had a deer jump and run as I drive by. Most often they just glance up and then go back to browsing. The whistles work by giving the deer a heads-up that you are coming and so they don't panic and and run or jump into the road. It's like petting a horse to let him know before you go behind him. He knows you are there and is not startled. Once one fell off the passenger side of our car and I knew immediately that is was gone by the deers' reactions along the road on that side of the car. They were much more skittish and prone to jump, sometimes into the road. I feel much safer with them, especially at night when the deer are hard to see.  Karen in Central Texas

Deer Whistles, Do's and Don'ts
I've had deer whistles (air) mounted on the front of my truck for at least 5 years. I live in the Texas hill country
deer are very plentiful, and stand very close to the road at any second ,bolt across into traffic I've seen this several times a day. I'm proud to say I've never had a deer move let alone bolt in my direction they work very well. Just a few comments about whistles 1.They must be checked daily for bugs and debris closing the air holes. 2. They must be level to create the perfect pitch, (if you blow into each one, they have a different pitch.) 3.If you have to replace one make sure the one you replace ,is different than the one that's on the vehicle, remember they must be different pitches to work. The only draw back about air whistles are the vehicle must be moving at least 35mph.,to create the perfect pitch ,only bad thing is deer don't check for speed !!!!!  by Wayne Cummings (Center Point, Texas)

Road Rallye

After multiple near misses with deer while rallying up in MI in my first few events, I decided to give the passive deer whistles a try. I've run many an event since then and they definitely make a difference. When we do see deer, they pop their heads up and then trot away instead if walking right out in front of us. Not a single near miss in all the years since putting the whistles on the car! I'm a believer!

They work!
I have used deer whistles on my vehicles (cars, trucks and motorcycles over 40 years.
The most recent set that I installed are less visible, they are not as high as the others that I've used and they are clear plastic.
I live in an area where the deer population is very healthy. I usually see 3-4 on the drive into to town. The deer hear us coming, many times long before we see them, they stop browsing and perk their eyes up. As you get closer the deer becomes very alert, they turn away from the road and head into the area of safety.  Jim in Canada

Air Whistles Are Life Savers
I live in Montana. I drive deer infested roads all the time. I've been using the air deer whistles for 16 years and I have seen deer turn back from heading into the road too many times to count.
In my opinion, if you live where there is a lot of wildlife along the roads you are nutz not to have them. I'm not saying they will work 100% because stuff just happens. So far they have worked 100% for me. By Kinsey Barnard (Whitefish, Montana)

Retired Mechanical Engineer
Installed Pep Boys velocity style deer whistles on my '06 pick-up and moto. We moved to Oregon from southern Nevada last year involving 5 round trips along Hwy 95, 395, 44, 89 & I-5. About 400 miles is deer territory, some real heavy between Reno and Mt Shasta. I can't confirm the whistles "work", I never had a deer run in front of my vehicles. I did see a herd of horses look up when was approaching at a distance.

I have used deer whistles on a car I had in the past. I think they work because I have seen squirrels start to run out in front of me and then they turned around and went back away from the road. Well, they work on squirrels anyway. Haven't seen a deer turn around and run back yet, but it probably works on them too. By Bill (Cincinnati, OH)

Placement of deer whistlers equal effectiveness. Not rated yet
In 1989 I had a deer run into my truck. $400 in damage.
In 1990 I had a deer commit Suicide on my truck. Total loss.
I noticed the Sheriff who responded to the accident had whistlers on his light bar.
I placed a set on the top front of the back window.
I travel 89 miles a day through some of the
highest deer population in Nebraska.
In twenty two years I have NOT HIT A DEER! I have had deer look at me and go the other way.
I have whistlers on all my cars.
No they are not perfect, but I believe they are 90%
You still have to drive defensively.
Don't put them on the front bumper, they have to be
high. by Ed Reed
(Unadilla, Nebraska.)

Never even saw a deer with them on!
Bought them in NJ back in '95 for my Dodge Stealth. Drove that car across 30 states, a lot of it late at night, and never even saw a deer on the road. Took that car back home to the UK, driven around Europe too. Still not once have we seen a deer on the road, despite there being quite a few in the areas we traveled.
So they work for me!  By Glenn (UK)

My personal experience with deer whistlers
We were driving on Hwy 22 from Salem to Bend, Oregon and encountered 2 deer in the middle of the road - just standing there, we rounded a corner and to our surprise they parted - 1 to each side of the road - and as we passed thru them they just shook their head and got as far away from us as they could.

Another incident I was driving on Hwy 38 from Coos Bay to Portland, Oregon and only was using 1 of the whistlers on the drivers side mirror (because it was a rental car) and came around a corner just in time to see the back end of the deer and when I went by he turned and looked at me...

I know they work, despite all the negative stuff out there!  By Paula (Boulder City, NV)

Electronic Car Whistles
I have a electronic whistles on my vehicles and they work Great. As I was driving a Moose came out of the woods and stop by the ditch before coming into the road way. Then come into road way after I when by and they was other cars behind me that had to stop for the Moose. By Scott Burns (New Hampshire)

My Blonde Wife
My wife installed them backwards on her SUV and a herd of deer chased her for about a mile!

They really work!
yes, i had these on my van. i do believe they work. i recently had my van in the shop to be worked on. in the meantime I drove someone elses vehicle. they did not have deer whistles. the first day i drove the vehicle, five deer crossed in front of me. if i would have had the whistles this would not happen. they just look up and stand there, they don't try to run out into the road in front of you!

Air Velocity Deer Horns Do Not Work
I worked for the State of Virginia and had to report to duty at 6am. Since I've had my car in 06 I bought a pair of these plastic deer avoidance devices and installed them as directed. I have hit two deer with these on the car, the first one in 2007 and the second in 2009. The first hit didn't do any damage, but flipped a small deer in the air and it died upon landing on a guardrail. That was in the daylight on the way home at approx. 60 mph. The second was on the same Highway in Jan 09. It did 3K damage to the car and was a direct hit in foggy conditions. I did manage to slow down to about 35 on impact. I'm lucky the airbag didn't deploy, body shop said an inch more to the center from the passenger side would have totaled the vehicle. Do the electronic ones work? I have no idea however if they also do not work expect another truth review. This area is infested with deer along highways. By C Brooks (Virginia)

Whistle Blower!
I have used Air Velocity Deer Whistles on three previous cars. When we purchased our new Cadillac I did not add them. What a mistake! $6,000 in damages and two years of medical attention to my wife jolted me into finding, purchasing, and mounting them once again. Since then I have seen more than one deer completely freeze in his/her tracks as I safely passed, both at night and during the day. I'm sold!  By Jack (Portland, OR)

Body Shop Owner
I have removed a lot deer whistles off the front of damaged cars. what a joke! one state trooper I know ripped hers off threw them on the ground and stomped on them after hitting her third deer, I now tell people they are actually mating calls. rocks in your hubcaps would work better.

Need to Try Something
A deer hit me. I was going about 30 mph in a school zone. I was in a mid size SUV. Total bill 6900 dollars. At this point it hasn't been totaled. My big lesson will be I need to carry car rental insurance. By Tami (Magnolia, AR)

The Hornet 100%
I have the Hornet installed correctly on my 08 Scion XD that prior to installation i had hit 3 deers over 14k of damages, after installing the Hornet i have had several chances to test these i drive 25miles one way to work. Living in Rural Eastern North Carolina i have counted on many occasions upwards of 60 deer on the way to work, but since i installed Hornet i see deer but always off the side of the road either standing still staring intensely or running away in a field. And come hunting season it becomes even more needed due to NC. hunting reg. use of dogs to drive the deer. I would not get the velocity whistles but the electronic 100%. By Stefan (Greenville, NC)

They do work
I have used the deer whistles on all of my cars for many years. I have witness many times deer actually stopping on the side of the road and in fields when they hear them. I can only tell what I have seen myself. The whistle is the only thing i can attribute the deer's reaction.

During my brief research on the topic of deer whistles, I found that some county and state departments of transportation have substantially reduced deer/vehicle collisions by installing deer whistles on their vehicles. In some cases these annual reductions of collisions were near 75% - 90%. A portion of this reduction may be attributed to driver focus and awareness. My wife and I live in the country and car-pool to the city each day, so during those spring and fall months of the year when we're traveling during the dusk and dawn hours, we help each other by watching the road. This team effort has saved many of deer lives and comprehensive claims. I've had to actually stop the truck on several occasions due to bucks standing in the middle of the road. I do have deer whistles on both of our vehicles and believe they work well at prescribed speeds, but I also believe attentiveness and that second set of eyes on the road are invaluable. By Doug Hunt (MO)

4 collisions with deer in 5 years prior to using the whistles 
From 1990 -1995 - I had a truck totaled from collision with deer, another hit cost me $1000 and others that left radiator needing repair and left dents on my front end.
Since then, I have used dozens of whistles on dozens of vehicles and NEVER had another collision, though I travel the same roads and have not changed any other behaviors than use these devices.
I am PhD. I know how to do research...these are case studies that provide valid and reliable evidence.
Dr. M. (TX)

Are You Nuts
Well, this holiday weekend brought yet another opportunity to give my deer whistles a chance to prove that they are a reliable source of safety. We were driving in northern MI late at night and of course we were driving slow in fear of hitting one of God's forest creatures. After a couple hours, I suddenly spotted a large doe just starting to cross the highway in front of me. So I hit the brakes and came to a slow crawl. I was thankful I was going slow, but thought, "Hey Forrest Creature, did you not hear my whistles sounding full blast?" When she got to the other side of the road, she kind of glanced back at us as if to say, "Yo motor person, do I really have to tell you exactly what you can do with those whistles?" I thought for a moment and then I agreed with her. I figured, if I do that, maybe the dog will come when I break wind. My wife just looked at me like, ARE YOU NUTS?

We travel in Michigan all the time. Sometimes we aren't always fortunate enough to do it during the day. Night time hours in Michigan are dangerous in almost all areas. I bought a set of sound whistles for our van. I have been using them for over a year now, so I've had the opportunity to try them in all the seasons. Do they work? NO. The only thing they do is to tell the deer, "YO, forest creature, this is going to hurt real bad."
The only thing that helps is to slow down during night hours or where known deer populations are heavy. The faster you go, the more chance you're going to hit something. Leave on time so you don't have to hurry.
The Gospel according to, "Are you nuts"

Our Scary Encounter
On December 22nd at around 8:30 pm, my Granddaughter and I were coming home from shopping for her some work clothes and a little Christmas clothes also. We were doing about 50 mph when all of a sudden a big beautiful buck deer rammed us on the front on her side of the 1996 Ford Explorer XLT, he somehow flipped under the vehicle and spun up and hit her door and cutting into it, almost trapping her ankle. It was not only scary but also very heartbreaking, as we had to watch this happening, he looked right at us (so sudden, there was nothing we could do)as a part of his beautiful antler broke off and went up into the air. We just knew it had killed him. The road was pretty busy but as we made it to pull over, no one else stopped. The grass was a combination of dead weeds and small bushes, so we did not see where we had knocked the poor deer, while my Granddaughter called 911 (we were not hurt) to report the accident for Insurance purposes, I stupidly walked along the side of the road to see if he was out of the misery we put him in, and I was on him before I knew it and he jumped up and almost fell back down, he was in bad shape, I know they are tough but, this was awful to see...he did not try to harm me, he was bloody and all I wanted to do was to help but of course there was nothing I could do for him. My Family and I are Animal Lovers, they are precious to us.(GOD'S CREATURES)When the Officer got there he ask if we were ok, we said yes but the deer needed help, he could not do anything but later he was nice enough (after we ask him) to call us later that night to tell us he had been put out of his misery...I was not worried about the vehicle, just my loved one and the deer. We had no whistle, I wish we had, ( for the Deer's sake also) the Officer said we were very lucky. WE HAVE WHISTLES NOW !

Eugene Muntz
I did not have a deer whistle on the front of my wife’s regal. One day she was driving home from court because she had her kid take away while I was in jail in Tennessee.
a deer shot out in front of her and she hit it going 75 miles ph. She got put in the hospital for about 3 or 4 days and the car had deer guts all over it. it went through the windshield, and got blood and fur all over. I traded the car to my brother for a guitar and a favor.
We use the deer whistles now on are cars and we have not hit anymore deer since the time my wife did. By Eugene (Ware Shoals, SC)

100 % Effective
I drive 72 miles a day to work and back in rural WV last 16 years and have had a set of air velocity whistles on the so far 5 different work vehicles I have used. I have hit a least 1 deer with every vehicle so far. (3 with the Geo Metro!) The only thing deer whistles do is get the deer to look you in the eye as they plant themself atop your favorite hood ornament. Best thing to do with those things (besides leave them hanging on the store shelf) is to give them to the neighbor kid who builds model airplanes. They make really cool looking jet plane engines.

Unofficial Testing
I have both electronic (Hornet) and passive alert devices on my 2003 Harley tour bike. Both were relatively inexpensive and if there is one chance in a million that they would work, it is well worth the price.

My wife and I have ridden on many trips across country and have been able to see the effect on various animals. I am able to turn the electronic one off and on with a switch so I have experimented with it on various roadside animals. Most animals, especially sheep, react to the sound of the whistle on approach. Sheep scatter, deer and antelope stop and look toward the sound, horses seem to get extremely excited and most dogs will cower. Effective range (to the side)seems to be about 100 yards or so in ideal conditions. Have not had anything directly in front of me that I know of to study.

It is not a scientific study but I have tried to eliminate the possibility of the exhaust alerting the various animals by turning the device off and on.

The passive devices seem to work on a much smaller scale and the bike needs to be traveling at least 40mph or greater. Similar results as the electronic one , but not nearly as dramatic.

As far as I'm concerned, I'll leave them on. They can't do any harm, besides they are a good conversation starter! By Bruce (Shelton, WA)

Air Whistles and White Tail.....
This morning at 1:30 a.m. in Michigan, the whistle on the front of my Dodge Stratus was what you would consider a deer magnet. It drew not one, but two white tail deer into my path.

I put it (the whistle) on two vehicles that I own after totaling a 1999 Honda CRV in July after meeting up with a deer at the same location. This was on a state highway going 70 mph. Luckily I'm typing this myself.

I'll leave it up to the reader....think the whistle worked?

Getting used to whistles
I have electronic deer whistles, and in my experience they work, to the extent that deer stop, look up and stare at my car. I have had some move away, none move toward.

However, I think it is a matter of what deer get used to, if all cars had deer whistles, they would learn to ignore them, as they seem to do most vehicles.

But place any unusual noise with the vehicle and they alert. This could be a speaker with rock music, (RAP music if you wanted to be really annoying), in place of an ultrasonic whistle, it is the unusual that alerts deer.

Works! So Far!!!  By RRG (FL)

Deer whistle on automobiles
my experience: the deer hears the whistle and stops to look. being a not very intelligent animal, this may be in the roadway .and then i hit the deer. then i removed the deer whistles.

just my experience, yours may differ.....Larry (Iowa)

x rider
my job was 3 to 11 and a 3pm to 8am on Fridays i used a set of air whistles on my bike i traveled back roads to and from work never had problems other than trying to dodge deer that had been hit by others. i would say they worked. By GIG (WV)

I drive early (5:30 am) in MD. The deer look at me when they hear the whistles installed in my grill. SO far so good, but you never know, It'a almost rutting season again...

will accept prayers for continued safety

Do deer whistles work? I think so!
I was traveling through Texas and I saw a herd of deer looking at me in the road. I was hoping they didn’t jump out at me. They seem to have heard I was coming. I think the whistle I have on my car alerted them before hand. By Miguel (Texas)

Deer whistles work
we travel all the time & we use deer whistles on all our vehicles. the deer will be on the side of the road & will stay there as we pass by. We travel at night too & we have had no problems with the mule deer getting close to us because of the deer whistles. they work great. thanks. sincerely Debbie Coursey (Texas)