Electronic Deer Control
Electronic Deer Control

Does Electronic Deer Control Really Work?

Electronic deer control: Does it really work? The answer to this question is: the jury is still out on this one. The reason that this subject is so highly controversial is that electronic pest control DOES work, the real dilemma is for how long.

The reason behind the mixed message lays in the way electronic pest control works. Electronic deer control devices are small, innocuous little do dads that sit by, seemingly doing nothing, at least nothing we mere mortals can detect. What it’s doing is emitting a high frequency sound that is undetectable by humans, but is very easily heard by pests like rats, mice, birds, dogs, cats, etc. Bugs don’t hear it, but bugs don’t hear anything.

The sound that the device makes is designed to be extremely irritating and uncomfortable to the pest, making him want to spend time somewhere else. And, for the most part, it does. At least in the short run.

The major shortcoming of the device is that its designers never took into account Darwin’s theory of adaptation. As disturbing as it may sound, humans should show a little appreciation to the pests of the world. They are the epitome of adaptation at its best. They have survived climate changes, developed immunity to poisons, overcome physical obstacles, etc. Electronic pest control devices are nothing more than a minor annoyance after about a week or so of exposure. As a matter of fact, after several weeks of exposure, the pests show absolutely no recognition of the sound at all. That’s right, they’ve completely tuned it out and the gadget is now completely useless.

One strategy you can employ if the electronic deer control device is the way you choose to go would be to turn it on intermittently instead of running it all the time. This way it takes the pests longer to become accustomed to the sound. They will eventually learn that the sound, albeit annoying, does not pose any appreciable danger to them and will learn to ignore it anyway, but at least this way you’ll get more use out of it before it becomes obsolete.

Instead of investing in an electronic pest control device, you might be better served by sticking with a tried and true method of pest repellent, like natural chemicals that use large predator urine to repel pests. There’s nothing scarier to a mouse than the smell of a lurking mountain lion!