Bird-X DG Ultrasonic Deer Controller

The Bird-X DG ultrasonic deer controller keeps deer and other animals out of an area by emitting a high-pitched sound that is irritating to animals but cannot by heard by most humans. It is a humane solution for keeping troublesome animals such as deer, cats, dogs, raccoons, rabbits and skunks out of the yard and garden.

This deer controller has a waterproof cover so that it can withstand extended outdoor use in different kinds of weather. It comes with a 50-foot AC cord but can also run on 4 C batteries. It has a motion detector, but must be run on batteries to take advantage of this feature.

The sound available on the Bird-X DG ultrasonic deer controller can be adjusted to different frequencies to target different animals. Some of the frequencies are ultrasonic but others can be heard by humans. For use of sonic frequencies, the controller should be placed in a location where it will not be annoying to humans.

This product can be installed anywhere and one Bird-X DG ultrasonic deer controller can repel deer in up to a 4000 square foot area. If you need to protect a larger area, more than one Bird-X DG may be required.

Using the Bird-X DG ultrasonic deer controller helps keep deer from destroying gardens and landscaping and eliminates the need to build a high fence to keep them out. The deer controller is more humane than chemical solutions, and when operated in AC mode can be used year round, even during the winter.

You can read more about ultrasonic deer controllers and make a more informed decision.