Deer Chaser Electronic Deer Repellent

Deer can be a nuisance when they invade a property and cause devastation by trampling and devouring vegetation on farmland, gardens, orchards and yards. They may even forage through garbage cans strewing trash around the area. Property structures and vehicles often times receive damage in addition to vegetation. In many places these animals cause thousands of dollars in damage annually. Deer herds also carry ticks and may harbor harmful diseases. There is a humane and harmless way to protect environments and prevent these unwelcome guests from visiting.

The Deer Chaser is a modern electronic deer repellent technological device that uses painless sound transmitted by radio, along with bright pulsing light to intimidate deer and discourage them from entering the property. The device protects expensive vegetation, and prevents property damage without using fences. Deer Chaser can be placed anywhere on the property including gardens and yards. The electronic device wards off deer populations without posing a threat to children or pets.

The Deer Chaser operates on 3 D cell batteries and is easily mounted anywhere and at any height. The unit protects areas up to 25 feet away and in a 110 degree radius. The light and sound alarms are completely adjustable to function anywhere from every 15 seconds to every 7 minutes. The device is small and compact measuring 10.25” x 10.25” x 4” and weighs slightly more than 1 pound.

Use the Deer Chaser to safeguard property and prevent damage to:

Flower beds
Fruit trees
Garbage sites
Property structures

Deer Chaser electronic device has been around for many years.  Some of the advantages customers like is the volume can be adjusted with the dial that turns on the radio. We usually put the volume about 1/2 of max volume to save the batteries. Oh yes, when the motion detector is triggered on both the radio and light come on. You can adjust how long they stay on.. Reviews include this one “This product works better than any other deer deterrent that I’ve ever tried. Since I installed it near the bird feeders (about a month ago), I haven’t had a single deer eating the bird seed. Prior to this, there would be deer visits multiple times a day and I’d have to constantly refill the feeders. On the rare times that a bird will set off the device, they do not seem to be bothered by it. I would highly recommend.”  The downside to this control is also an upside.  When the radio is turned on loud, the deer stay away but the neighbors may also hear the radio.