Havaheart 5250 Deer Control

While they can be lovely to gaze at from afar, the simple truth is that deer are among the more destructive pests to plague rural gardens. Many have become so accustomed to living around humans that they are no longer afraid to come right into residential neighborhoods. This often results in ruined vegetable patches and decimated fruit trees.

The old-fashioned approach to deer population control has always been hunting. But in today’s world, there are more high-tech, efficient and humane options. The Havaheart 5250 Deer Control system is just such an option. The Havaheart 5250 Deer Control system is an electronic deer repellant that works a lot like an electric fence you might use to keep your dog in the yard.

Here’s how it works: Place the Havaheart 5250 Deer Control post in an area of your yard where deer are known to cross. Havaheart’s acorn-scented deer-lure will attract the animals to the post, where they will receive a gentle 400-volt shock – no more than an annoying tingle, but enough to let them know they’re not welcome. From a distance, the green and silver posts blend nicely with outdoor foliage, while their red tops alert humans who get close that they have shock power.

A Havaheart 5250 Deer Control set comes with three posts, acorn-cented aromatic lure, instructions, cotton balls for applying the lure, and order form for additional lure. Each post requires two AA batteries, which must be purchased separately. Because of the Havaheart 5250 Deer Control’s efficiency, one set of batteries should last at least a year.

With an approximate coverage of 1,200 feet, the Havaheart 5250 Deer Control system is not only the most high-tech, efficient and humane option for deer control, it is also one of the most thorough means of keeping your yard pest-free.

Here is a video that shows how it works.

Many people report these to work well.  They are a little bit of work.  You have to make sure the batteries are in and working.  You also need to put a couple of drops of liquid on them.  Occasionally you will need to check and make sure they are working.  A customer that has several and is familiar with some possible issues gives us this advise: “The device takes about 4 hours to charge up to full voltage. If you want to test it after this 4 hour charge time, but don’t have a voltmeter and don’t want to get zapped, then take a small piece of tin foil and short the two opposite polarity sets of electrodes together. You should get a small spark, and a snapping noise. If this doesn’t happen look at the two sets of opposite polarity electrodes at the tip of the device to make sure none of the wires of opposite sets are touching each other. This would keep the device from charging. If this is the case it’s an easy fix.You just move the opposite polarity sets of wires so they don’t touch each other. Other problems could be: Bad batteries, batteries inserted wrong polarity, dirt on battery connections, or defective electronics, which you can’t do anything about. Otherwise they are really simple devices, and they do work reasonably well. Nothing is perfect when it comes to trying to outsmart deer though.”

There are reviews that say these work great and others where buyers thought they didn’t work well enough.  Other reviewers suggested using them along with other deterrents like repellent.  If deer are hungry and there is a very limited amount of food, it may take several strategies to keep them out.  Lots of deer and a little bit of food compared to a few deer that have a lot of choices for food is a big difference for deer control.