Wireless Deer Fence Review: Keep the Beauty and Deter the Deer

Do you love unfenced scenery but get tired of the pesky deer eating from or trampling your beautiful garden? This amazing product is safe and will not permanently harm the deer; it sends a small shock that startles the deer. Best of all, it is wireless and will not affect the scenery. It uses a very low dosage of electricity (less than that of getting shocked by static electricity) and deer’s natural habits to train them.

If a deer is hurt in a certain area, it remembers and will not return to that area. This silent wireless fence has scent tubes, which not only lead the animal to the training post; in addition, the deer will also remember the scent that led to the shock on its nose. Also, the other deer in the herd are less likely to enter the area that another deer is afraid of. It does have shock warning tops on the posts for additional human safety. But rest assured, it was invented by a veterinarian and will not truly harm the deer. Continuous and repeated shock is not possible because the posts recharge themselves every 11-12 minutes.

The posts require batteries that should last a year if good batteries are purchased. They are lightweight and easy to position. Unlike traditional posts, they can easily be moved.

The wireless deer fence is priced at a very affordable and has an astounding two year money back guarantee. Each set includes three wireless fence posts and a one year supply of the scent. Standard shipping in the U.S. and Canada is free. You can order on line, through the mail, or over the phone. Think of the time and money save by keeping your yard free from the deer and having the convenience of an effective wireless fence.

This is a cool short video from a satisfied Wireless Deer Fence customer.  The deer is after the apples on the tree but then gets interested in the scent of the Wireless Deer Fence scent and is scared off when it gets hit by the charge.